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Mobile Banking

Whether you’re traveling, out of town, or simply away from your computer, banking is a snap with your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?2018-07-11T17:08:47-04:00

To enroll in Mobile Banking you must first enroll in Online Banking. Enrolling in Online Banking is easy and is a great way to make your banking flexible and convenient.

Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, you’re on your way to the convenience of Mobile Banking. Simply log in to Online Banking, under the “Options” tab, select “Enroll Now” in the Mobile Banking profile.

Can I cancel Mobile Banking at any time?2018-07-11T17:23:13-04:00

Yes. You can un-enroll from Mobile Banking through Online Banking by navigating to “Options”, “Mobile Banking Profile”, then selecting the “Manage Devices” button and select the drop down arrow “stop using this device for mobile banking”.

Can joint account holders both use Mobile Banking?2018-07-11T17:23:26-04:00

Yes. However, only one mobile device can be registered for mobile banking per Online Banking account. For added account security, we recommend that each account holder maintains a separate Online Banking account and therefore separate Mobile Banking login information.

Can I re-enroll in Mobile Banking after I opt out?2018-07-11T17:23:38-04:00

Yes. You may re-enroll in Mobile Banking at any time through your Online Banking account.

If I’m enrolled in Online Banking, do I have to be enrolled in Mobile Banking?2018-07-11T17:23:49-04:00

No. You are not required to enroll in Mobile Banking as an Online Banking user. However, you are required to be enrolled in Online Banking to use Mobile Banking.

If I’m enrolled in Mobile Banking and I change phone numbers, what do I do?2018-07-11T17:24:00-04:00

To change the mobile phone number associated with your Mobile Banking, go to the “Options” tab in Online Banking, then select “Manage Devices” under the Mobile Banking Profile. Select “change my phone number” from the drop-down list and follow prompts.

How do I disable mobile access?2018-07-11T17:24:18-04:00

To disable mobile access, go to the “Options” tab in Online Banking, then select “Manage Devices” under the Mobile Banking Profile. Select “stop using this device for Mobile Banking” or call 855-945-5001 during normal business hours.

Can I change my login username?2018-07-11T17:24:31-04:00

No, but you can change your Online Banking password.

How do I know that I successfully enrolled in Text Banking?2020-08-13T10:06:22-04:00

The text messages will tell you that Text Banking has been activated.

How do I change my Mobile Banking Password?2018-07-11T17:25:18-04:00

Your Mobile Banking password is the same as your Online Banking password. You can change your Online Banking password by clicking on the “Options” tab and go into “Password” and click “Edit”.

Where do I accept the Terms and Conditions?2018-07-11T17:25:29-04:00

You will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions after you enroll in Online Banking.

Where can I find the Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions for future reference?2018-07-11T17:26:12-04:00

The Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions can be found at any time on the William Penn Bank app.

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